The C.O.R.E. Initiative Talks about Experiences, Realizations from Guangzhou trip


The CORe Inititive is currently featured on  Asia Pacific Pathways to Progress Foundation, Inc. (APPFI) FRIENDS & PARTNERS” section. The section highlights and profiles individuals and institutions who are partners or do work relevant to regional and international discourses on peace and development, cultural understanding and Philippine foreign relations.

The Initiative of Seven

03 March 2016 / APPFI.PH

We have previously featured scholars and institutions we consider as having shared vision and advocacies as our organization, APPFI. In this issue, we would like to introduce seven young scholars who as graduate students of the University of the Philippines have been studying and conducting research on international relations with a special focus on China.

Having saved up for their airfare, on the 18th of December 2015, they flew from Manila and were welcomed by the bone-chilling December weather of Guangzhou. They attended a students’ forum at Jinan University where they talked about Philippines-China relations, and held a roundtable discussion with scholars and professors from Sun Yat Sen University where history, politics, and West Philippine Sea issues were discussed.

Some considered the trip a life changing experience as their prior knowledge of China had been based mainly on books and the Internet. Though some of them had visited before, they had done so as tourists without the intention of penetrating the Chinese cultural “Great Wall.” For this trip, they had every intention to dig deeper with the purpose of forging ties, attaining understanding, and at the same time, learning from their Chinese counterparts.

This edition of Friends and Partners shows us that no effort is too big or too small in our desire to improve ties with our Asian neighbours. Let us get to know the seven and their insights on their life-changing trip to China.Read more…


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