Taiwan-Philippines cooperation to be further strengthened: diplomat

June 14, 2016 / Originally posted at Focus Taiwan

Manila, June 14 (CNA) Cooperation and exchanges between Taiwan and the Philippines will be further strengthened after Philippine President-elect Rodrigo Duterte takes office June 30, Taiwan’s representative to the Philippines Lin Sung-huan said Tuesday.

In an interview with several Philippine television stations during a visit to Davao, Duterte’s native city, Lin said that the Philippines has already been listed as one of the countries being prioritized by President Tsai Ing-wen’s (蔡英文) administration as part of its new southbound policy.

Taiwan and the Philippines have maintained close relations in various fields, including the economic, commercial, educational and cultural sectors, the diplomat said, adding that the two sides have also promised to further promote bilateral ties.

The Philippines has abundant resources, and its infrastructure and public facilities have been continuously improved over the years, while the efficiency of operations at its ports has been increasing, Lin said.

Taking into account a promise made by Duterte to crack down strongly on crime after he takes office, Lin said he believes that social order in the Philippines will improve in the near future.

With this expected improvement of social order, a larger number of Taiwanese entrepreneurs, as well as other foreign investors, will have greater interest in investing in the Philippines, Lin said.

“I believe that the relations between our two countries will develop into a new chapter,” he said, adding that the scope of bilateral cooperation will be expanded from the existing economic and trade fields to agriculture, aquaculture, fishery, tourism, manufacturing, science, information and communication technology, climate change, exchange of talent, education and culture.

(By Emerson Lim and Romulo Huang)


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