Roundtable Of UP Graduate Students In International Studies Association (ISA) Conference In Hong Kong

Roundtable Of UP Graduate Students In International Studies Association (ISA) Conference In Hong Kong

July 8, 2016 / ac.

Ms. Janina Tan, a student of the UP Asian Center, attended the International Studies Association (ISA) Asia-Pacific Conference, which was held from 25 to 27 June 2016 at the City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. Along with other UP students, Ms. Tan was part of a roundtable, “Networks in Asia: Opportunities for Small and Medium Powers?” Below is a write-up on the roundtable:


Much theorizing in International Relations, ranging from neorealism, and neoliberalism to Wendt’s constructivism, consciously incorporates assumptions about the agent-structure problem in the social sciences. The parsimony that Waltz advocates is based upon structural-level theorizing rather than agential power, a feature that has carried over to reiterations of neorealism and neoliberalism. On the other hand, an appreciation of the nuances in agents or states is deemed as crucial to theorists such as Moravczik and Wendt. The appropriation of Network Theory into the study and theorizing of International Relations has contributed to our understanding of how agent and structures can be linked by focusing on the relational power of agents within a complex set of relationships or networks across different fields of national interest. The objects of study here are not primarily the attributes or material resources of nation-states, rather their position in a particular network, as well as the opportunities that this offers vis-à-vis other states. This roundtable explores the role of different actors in formal and informal networks in an Asian context and how they navigate through the different power relationships within these networks to achieve particular goals.

Joining Ms. Tan in the roundtable were panel chair, Ms. Sherlyn Mae Hernandez; Frances Antoinette Cruz; and Joseph Mari Fabian, all International Studies majors at the Department of Political Science in UP Diliman, who take classes at the UP Asian Center. The roundtable was one of two presented by the Philippine International Studies Organization(PhISO). Ms. Tan is an Asian Studies major specializing in China Studies at the UP Asian Center. Read more…


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