Developers’ economy sets to boom in China: Google executive

By Liu Zheng( / August 4, 2016

When the buzzword changed from “copy to China” to “copying China”, pioneers of world’s internet industry were impressed by the implementation of mobile internet and mobile applications created in the country.

Ben Galbraith, head of product & developer relations at Google’s developer product group, sat down with China Daily and shared his views on the business potential of Chinese developers, China-made mobile applications and Google’s Daydream development potential in the emerging market.

Taking WeChat as an example, Galbraith said that the whole world, including the Silicon Valley, has a lot to learn from the application.

Galbraith and his team from Mountain View, California, spent two months meeting with Chinese mobile internet enterprises and app developers in the Chinese mainland.

“As we spend time with the WeChat team, I was really impressed to see the local talents in the industry and how good those teams are,” Galbraith said.

According to Galbraith, as Chinese developers start to bring more innovation to rest of the world, it’s hard to put a limit on the potential it will have in revolutionizing other markets and industries, just like it has transformed the whole industry in China.

Some of the other important tasks during his visit to China were to collect feedback as well as have further communications with the existing users of the company’s developer-support platforms, such as “Cloud Platform” and the newly launched “Firebase”, and understand requirements from the large amount of people.

Latest statistics from Google said that last year, Google Play, the digital distribution service operated and developed by the company, generated 1 billion 30-day active users in 190 countries and 65 billion app installs, contributing $7 billion profits to its developers. Read more…


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