2016 Silk Road International Arts Festival opens in Xi’an

Originally Posted at China Daily

A grand concert in Xi’an marked the opening of the 3rd Silk Road International Arts Festivalon Sept 7. More than 200 performances by artists from 80 countries and regions will appearat the festival, which runs through Sept 21.

Shaanxi province’s capital, Xi’an, was the starting point of the ancient Silk Road. Prior to theopening concert, CPC Secretary of Shaanxi’s Culture Department Ming Pingying announcedthe construction of the Cultural Corridor along Xi’an City Wall. Then the Silk Road-themedconcert, presented by artists from China, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Switzerland, sweptthe audience’s attention.

In the principles of peace, harmony and cooperation, and to reflect China’s culturalconfidence, this year’s festival is colorful. It includes theatrical performances; painting,calligraphy and photo exhibitions, culture forums and public-interest tours around schoolsand communities.

There also are several special events, such as a Seminar for Visiting Young Sinologists,Modern Art Week, Creative Animation Week, Poetry Week and Children’s Play Week.

The festival is China’s first national-level Silk Road-related arts festival and plays animportant part in carrying out the Belt and Road Initiative. Over the past two years, it hasbecome more appealing and influential. Since it is held annually in Shaanxi province, we willprobably hear more good news about Shaanxi’s cultural development.



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