Homosexuality debate shows progress in society

Global Times Published: 2018/4/17

Editor’s Note:

Sina Weibo’s decision to remove comics and videos related to homosexuality sparked online protests over the weekend. Although it later backtracked from its controversial gay ban, the event brought the issue of homosexual rights under the media spotlight. What has China achieved in alleviating discrimination against gay people in recent years? What should be done to protect the rights of minority groups? The Global Times collected three opinions on the matter.

Tolerance called for toward homosexuals

Why can’t people hold an objective attitude toward homosexuality? If people’s attitude toward sex marks the level of a society’s civilization and openness, then the attitude toward homosexuality is an even more obvious symbol.

We should not discriminate against or even defame homosexuals as they, just like us, also contribute to a society and a way of life. Maybe I do not agree with their sexual preference, but that does not get in the way of my respect and care for them. Why not treat them with an open mind?

Gay, lesbians and bisexuals are a minority group currently of around 50 million, or about 2-5 percent of the Chinese population. Scientific research shows that sexual orientation is mostly established during early childhood and is difficult to change. Although China has achieved great development in its society and human beings continue to open their minds, that does not mean everyone can accept homosexual love. This leads to a lack of social recognition and no room for homosexual marriage.

A mainstream trend of the world is that people’s attitude toward homosexuality has become increasingly tolerant and inclusive. Although China has not yet recognized same-sex marriage, it has removed homosexuality from the category of mental illness.

Many countries including Britain, France and Germany as well as some states in the US have legalized same-sex marriage.

China has made progress in attitudes toward homosexuality, such as the abolition of the homosexual “crime of hooliganism,” which is a manifestation of cultural confidence.

Love is great and truly trustworthy. Every person is endowed with his or her unique emotion and personality, which contributes to a colorful world. A person has the right to choose his or her own lifestyle and to pursue his or her own happiness without jeopardizing the interests of others.

A democratic society must protect the rights of minority groups. Southwest China’s Yunnan Province is at the cutting edge of China in showing respect and care for homosexuality.

For example, the province has set up a semi-official network for homosexuality, a public welfare website that integrates AIDS prevention, chat rooms, healthcare and making friends.

I believe that people should accept homosexuality. They are not harmful to society. They need more equal protection. More and more people come out today and they can face disputes about distribution of common property if they buy a house after living together. They want to adopt children, but they cannot obtain legal qualifications. Read more…


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