The misunderstood AIIB

by Shahar Hameiri and Lee Jones / The Interpreter / 17 May 2018

China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has been viewed through the wider debate over whether a rising China will overturn or uphold the US-led “rules-based liberal international order”. As the first significant international organisation established by China, the AIIB is often seen to indicate wider Chinese intentions.  Continue reading “The misunderstood AIIB”


Chinese Money Triggers a Dizzying Rally in Manila Property

May 4, 2018 / Bloomberg News

In Manila’s main financial district and its fringes, signs of the new inhabitants are everywhere: the restaurants serving steaming Chinese hotpots and dumplings, the Mandarin broadcasts at the Mall of Asia, and the soaring property prices. Continue reading “Chinese Money Triggers a Dizzying Rally in Manila Property”

Homosexuality debate shows progress in society

Global Times Published: 2018/4/17

Editor’s Note:

Sina Weibo’s decision to remove comics and videos related to homosexuality sparked online protests over the weekend. Although it later backtracked from its controversial gay ban, the event brought the issue of homosexual rights under the media spotlight. What has China achieved in alleviating discrimination against gay people in recent years? What should be done to protect the rights of minority groups? The Global Times collected three opinions on the matter. Continue reading “Homosexuality debate shows progress in society”

Vietnam’s Fishing ‘Militia’ to Defend Maritime Claims Against China

Ralph Jennings / April 6, 2018

Vietnam is quietly fostering a state-supported fishing boat militia to hold off China at sea even as the two sides talk formally about easing their sovereignty dispute, according to experts who follow the issue. Continue reading “Vietnam’s Fishing ‘Militia’ to Defend Maritime Claims Against China”


Trade war is not a zero-sum game, but a lose-lose for the US and China

by Aidan Yao/ 28 March 2018/ South China Morning Post

With three rounds of tariffs in less than three months, US President Donald Trump has significantly upped his game on trade protectionism, casting doubts over the outlook for Sino-US economic relations. Continue reading “Trade war is not a zero-sum game, but a lose-lose for the US and China”

As Fears of Xi’s Personality Cult Deepen, China Must Dial Down the Propaganda


“A Man Who Makes Things Happen”, “Communist Party Core Forged During ‘Great Struggle’”, “Servant of the Public”, “Strategist Behind China’s Reform”, “Top Commander Reshaping the Military”, “A World Leader”, and “Architect of Modernisation For New Era”. Those are just a few of the superlatives China’s massive propaganda apparatus has used to extol the virtues of President Xi Jinping since the 19th congress in October, when he secured a stronger mandate for his second five-year term as party chief and chairman of the armed forces. Not bad for someone dismissed by some self-professed China analysts as a weak and ineffective leader a little more than five years ago when he first came to power. Continue reading “As Fears of Xi’s Personality Cult Deepen, China Must Dial Down the Propaganda”

Trump to Ramp Up Trade Restraints on China

WASHINGTON—The White House is preparing to crack down on what it says are improper Chinese trade practices by making it significantly more difficult for Chinese firms to acquire advanced U.S. technology or invest in American companies, individuals involved in the planning said. Continue reading “Trump to Ramp Up Trade Restraints on China”

China Dropped Its One-Child Policy. So Why Aren’t Chinese Women Having More Babies?


In late 2015, when China eased its decades-long policy limiting most couples to having only one child, some heralded the change as a move toward greater reproductive freedom. But the government was only embarking on another grand experiment in population engineering: This time it was urging women — though only the right sort — to reproduce for China. Continue reading “China Dropped Its One-Child Policy. So Why Aren’t Chinese Women Having More Babies?”