China and India’s Border Standoff Heats Up in Kashmir

Aijaz Hussain / AP / August 17, 2017/ Time

(SRINAGAR, India) — Indian and Chinese soldiers yelled and hurled stones at one another high in the Himalayas in Indian-controlled Kashmir, Indian officials said Wednesday, potentially escalating tensions between two nations already engaged in a lengthy border standoff elsewhere. Continue reading “China and India’s Border Standoff Heats Up in Kashmir”

What to expect from Xi Jinping’s Communist Party congress power play

by Nectar Gan / 7 August 2017/ SCMP

When Xi Jinping took the helm of China’s ruling Communist Party in late 2012 he had few trusted allies by his side or loyal aides at his command.

The party’s Central Committee – its senior leadership – was stuffed with cadres handpicked by the previous leadership or the one before that, with many members occupying important jobs in the party and the government. Continue reading “What to expect from Xi Jinping’s Communist Party congress power play”

Chinese finance high-speeds into unknown territory

by Qian Han/ 31 Jully 2017 / EAF

On 23 June 2017, a court in Shanghai charged the international trading company Eastern Dragon with market manipulation in the Chinese futures markets during the 2015 stock market crash. Eastern Dragon was slammed with a US$101 million fine and two of its traders were handed out suspended prison sentences. This sets an important precedent as the first time a Chinese court has ruled on foreign high frequency trading in China. Continue reading “Chinese finance high-speeds into unknown territory”

China sets rules for news reports on Taiwan, HK

by Lim Yan Liang / July 25, 2017 / Straitstimes

The official Xinhua news agency has updated its style guide for Chinese journalists, with a major part of the update stressing China’s sovereignty over Taiwan and Hong Kong. Continue reading “China sets rules for news reports on Taiwan, HK”

Maximising China’s growth potential

21 July 2017 / by Yang Yao and Mengqi Wang/ EAF

Amid declining growth rates, the debate about China’s growth potential has re-emerged. But one of the overlooked aspects in this debate is the crucial role of differing growth rates in China’s eastern, western and central regions.

China’s unprecedented growth over the last 30 years, particularly in the years before the global financial crisis, has been concentrated in eastern (coastal) provinces. The vast inland areas have largely lagged behind. In 2015, GDP per capita in the eastern region was 1.8 times that in the central and western regions. But since the global financial crisis, growth rates in the eastern provinces have slowed and the growth rates of inland provinces have picked up. Continue reading “Maximising China’s growth potential”

Liu Xiaobo – the quiet, determined teller of China’s inconvenient truths

by Cary Huang, Jun Mai / 13 July 2017 / SCMP

Mild-mannered, cultured, gently spoken – even timid – Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo’s public persona belied his stubborn resilience and steadfastness of belief. Continue reading “Liu Xiaobo – the quiet, determined teller of China’s inconvenient truths”

Japan’s Delicate Balancing Act in the South China Sea

by Benoit Hardy-Chartrand and J. Berkshire Miller / June 27, 2017 /

Sino-Japanese relations have long been marred by a maritime and territorial row in the East China Sea as well as a historical dispute over Japan’s wartime memory, which has prevented sustainable rapprochement. Further complicating the situation, bilateral ties are now increasingly strained by Japan’s growing presence in the South China Sea, where overlapping territorial and maritime disputes have pitted China against several Southeast Asian neighbours. Continue reading “Japan’s Delicate Balancing Act in the South China Sea”

Can China Really Lead the World on Climate?

by Isabel Hilton / June 8, 2017/ ChinaFile

On Wednesday, the governor of California, Jerry Brown, found himself, not for the first time, with more in common with Chinese President Xi Jinping than with the president of his own nation, Donald Trump. Just days after President Trump announced that the United States would not fulfill its commitments under the Paris Agreement, Governor Brown was widely celebrated in Chinese media for saying the opposite. It was a notable declaration of independence for California’s climate policy. The occasion—a clean energy meeting in Beijing—was one of many that have showcased China’s bid for climate leadership. As Donald Trump turns his back on the global effort, how far will China step forward? Continue reading “Can China Really Lead the World on Climate?”