Can China Really Lead the World on Climate?

by Isabel Hilton / June 8, 2017/ ChinaFile

On Wednesday, the governor of California, Jerry Brown, found himself, not for the first time, with more in common with Chinese President Xi Jinping than with the president of his own nation, Donald Trump. Just days after President Trump announced that the United States would not fulfill its commitments under the Paris Agreement, Governor Brown was widely celebrated in Chinese media for saying the opposite. It was a notable declaration of independence for California’s climate policy. The occasion—a clean energy meeting in Beijing—was one of many that have showcased China’s bid for climate leadership. As Donald Trump turns his back on the global effort, how far will China step forward? Continue reading “Can China Really Lead the World on Climate?”

What more does China want from Hong Kong 20 years on from handover?

by Stuart Lau, Jun Mai / 30 May, 2017/ SCMP

When Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor takes the oath as Hong Kong’s next chief executive presumably before President Xi Jinping on July 1, the city she governs will face a sovereign state that has signalled it wants a firmer say in how it is run. Continue reading “What more does China want from Hong Kong 20 years on from handover?”

Beijing says yuan policy is actually doing US a favour

by Frank Tang / May 25, 2017 / SCMP

China defended its yuan exchange-rate policy and its interventions in the foreign exchange market on Thursday, saying it hasn’t manipulated its currency but instead sacrificed some of China’s interests to help the world, including the US. Continue reading “Beijing says yuan policy is actually doing US a favour”

China’s Xi says Belt and Road needs to reject protectionism

By Brenda Goh and Sue-Lin Wong | May 15, 2017/ Reuters

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday urged major multilateral institutions to join his new Belt and Road Initiative, stressing the importance of rejecting protectionism in seeking global economic growth. Continue reading “China’s Xi says Belt and Road needs to reject protectionism”

How China has become America’s equal, as showcased at a Harvard forum

by Robert Delaney / 25 April, 2017/ SCMP

On the campus of Harvard Business School this past weekend there was little doubt among corporate leaders and investors gathered for an annual conference that China had arrived as an equal to the United States. Continue reading “How China has become America’s equal, as showcased at a Harvard forum”

Vietnamese expert backs inclusion of arbitral ruling in code of conduct 

A Vietnamese maritime expert strongly supports a proposal to include the landmark arbitration ruling that invalidated China’s sweeping claims over the South China Sea in the code of conduct  being hammered out by Southeast Asian nations and Beijing. Continue reading “Vietnamese expert backs inclusion of arbitral ruling in code of conduct”

China’s Appetite Pushes Fisheries to the Brink


JOAL, Senegal — Once upon a time, the seas teemed with mackerel, squid and sardines, and life was good. But now, on opposite sides of the globe, sun-creased fishermen lament as they reel in their nearly empty nets. Continue reading “China’s Appetite Pushes Fisheries to the Brink”

Southeast Asia’s aspirations for the South China Sea

by Victor Andres C. Manhit / April 26, 2017

As the clock runs down to the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Summit, critics have begun to ask if ASEAN will be able to achieve something to celebrate this year. It’s a question that even the Association’s most ardent supporters grapple with, especially as security concerns loom large over the Summit. While it’s a time-old question for ASEAN, there is urgency to answering it. The situation in the South China Sea is not only multi-dimensional, it has grown more complex with time. Continue reading “Southeast Asia’s aspirations for the South China Sea”