Runaway borrowers the new face of China’s personal credit boom

by He Huifeng / 6 December 2017/ Reuters

China’s online lending boom has sent a steady stream of new clients to Guangzhou lawyer Luo Aiping in recent months: the parents and siblings of young men trapped or ruined by usurious debts. Continue reading “Runaway borrowers the new face of China’s personal credit boom”


Malaysia and China: The new ‘lips and teeth’ duo

by CK TAN, Nikkei staff writer / 31 October 2017/

KUALA LUMPUR — China and Malaysia are closer than they have ever been in over four decades of diplomatic relations. And if remarks by the outgoing Chinese ambassador are anything to go by, this may be only the beginning — much to the discomfort of certain critics. Continue reading “Malaysia and China: The new ‘lips and teeth’ duo”

Fears mount over bookseller ‘freed’ by China

25 October 2017/ Channel NewsAsia

HONG KONG: Concern was growing Wednesday (Oct 25) over the whereabouts of dissident publisher Gui Minhai, who failed to contact his family after Chinese authorities said they had released him from detention. Continue reading “Fears mount over bookseller ‘freed’ by China”

Other nations view China more favorably than the US, survey shows

Jeff Cox

How will China’s sweeping pollution crackdown affect its economy?

by Jane Cai/ Sept 14, 2017/ SCMP

An unprecedented campaign against environmental pollution has led to 18,000 companies being punished across the country since last summer and more plant shutdowns. But the crackdown’s economic implications are just beginning to unfold.
Continue reading “How will China’s sweeping pollution crackdown affect its economy?”

ASEAN at 50: the view from Vietnam

11 Aug 2017|Le Hong Hiep/ The Strategist

At the 50th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting last week, Vietnam attracted international media attention for its struggle to insert strong language on the South China Sea into the ministers’ joint communiqué. The episode highlights an enormous evolution in Vietnam’s perception of ASEAN as well as the importance that the country attaches to the regional grouping in its foreign policy. Continue reading “ASEAN at 50: the view from Vietnam”

China says willing to pay the price for new North Korea sanctions

Why Korean Reunification is in China’s Strategic National Interest

by Jamie Metzl / 22 July 2017 / ChinaFile

North Korea’s July 4 launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile has highlighted once again both the extent to which Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons program and aggressive behavior is destabilizing the Asia Pacific region and the relative impotence of efforts to date designed to respond. Although North Korean nuclear weapons seem primarily designed to ensure regime survival, these weapons will, once fully deliverable, provide Pyongyang with the almost unlimited ability to blackmail its neighbors, primarily China. If China’s leaders do not want to fall victim to North Korean blackmail, they will need to ask themselves hard questions about the costs and benefits of Beijing’s longstanding relationship with Pyongyang and reposition China accordingly. Continue reading “Why Korean Reunification is in China’s Strategic National Interest”