What We Learned From China’s New Leadership Lineup

By  David Tweed / October 25, 2017/ Bloomberg


China’s twice-a-decade meeting of the Communist Party ended in triumph for President Xi Jinping. Not only was his name and ideology elevated into the party’s constitution, he broke with convention in the new leadership lineup unveiled Wednesday and chose not to anoint a successor. Continue reading “What We Learned From China’s New Leadership Lineup”


Why China’s 19th National Party Congress matters to the Philippines

by Aaron Jed Rabena / October 12, 2017/ Originally Posted at BusinessWorld

ON Oct. 18, the largest ruling political party in the world – the Communist Party of China – will hold its quinquennial National Party Congress in Beijing. Unlike US presidential elections and American politics, not much is heard in the country about the most important political activity in the world’s second richest economy. The Philippines cannot be faulted for this as the country shares stronger political affinity with the United States and has long been exposed to American soft power such as Hollywood, CNN, and Harvard. Continue reading “Why China’s 19th National Party Congress matters to the Philippines”

What to expect from Xi Jinping’s Communist Party congress power play

by Nectar Gan / 7 August 2017/ SCMP

When Xi Jinping took the helm of China’s ruling Communist Party in late 2012 he had few trusted allies by his side or loyal aides at his command.

The party’s Central Committee – its senior leadership – was stuffed with cadres handpicked by the previous leadership or the one before that, with many members occupying important jobs in the party and the government. Continue reading “What to expect from Xi Jinping’s Communist Party congress power play”

Liu Xiaobo – the quiet, determined teller of China’s inconvenient truths

by Cary Huang, Jun Mai / 13 July 2017 / SCMP

Mild-mannered, cultured, gently spoken – even timid – Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo’s public persona belied his stubborn resilience and steadfastness of belief. Continue reading “Liu Xiaobo – the quiet, determined teller of China’s inconvenient truths”

Words Count: Chinese State of the Nation Speech All About the ‘Party’

by Josh Chin / Mar 5, 2017/ WSJ

The Chinese government’s annual policy blueprint runs more than 18,000 Chinese characters. Only a fraction of them are necessary to grasp this year’s theme: a dramatic emphasis on the Communist Party, in particular its leader.

China’s Premier Li Keqiang, as usual, delivered the government’s work report on Sunday in a nearly 100-minute speech to the legislature.  Unusually, the document’s normal heavy doses of economic policy prescriptions came leavened with numerous mentions of the party and President Xi Jinping. Continue reading “Words Count: Chinese State of the Nation Speech All About the ‘Party’”

Can the New U.S. Ambassador to China See Xi Jinping for Who He Really Is?

by Jeffrey Wasserstrom / February 7, 2017 / China File

When the Senate Foreign Relations Committee holds confirmation hearings on Terry Branstad’s nomination to be Ambassador to China, the Iowa Governor is sure to be asked about the positions of the president who nominated him. I hope, though, that Branstad also has to answer for things he has said about another of his strongman friends: Xi Jinping. Continue reading “Can the New U.S. Ambassador to China See Xi Jinping for Who He Really Is?”

The who, what and why in China’s latest VPN crackdown

by Sidney Leng, Josh Ye and Nectar Gan / January 26, 2017 / SCMP

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said in a notice earlier this week that all unauthorised virtual private networks will be banned as the ministry rolls out a 14-month campaign to “clean up” and “regulate” internet connection services. Continue reading “The who, what and why in China’s latest VPN crackdown”

The Chairmen, Trump and Mao

by Geremie R. Barmé / January 23, 2017 / ChinaFile

The January 13, 1967 issue of TIME magazine featured Mao Zedong on its cover with the headline “China in Chaos.” Fifty years later, TIME made U.S. President-elect Donald Trump its Man of The Year. With a groundswell of mass support, both men rebelled against the established order in their respective countries and set about throwing the world into confusion. Both share an autocratic mind set, Mao Zedong as Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party, Donald Trump as Chairman of the Board. As Jiaying Fan noted in May 2016, both also share a taste for “polemical excess and xenophobic paranoia.” For his part, Mao’s rebellion led to national catastrophe and untold human misery. Continue reading “The Chairmen, Trump and Mao”