How will China’s sweeping pollution crackdown affect its economy?

by Jane Cai/ Sept 14, 2017/ SCMP

An unprecedented campaign against environmental pollution has led to 18,000 companies being punished across the country since last summer and more plant shutdowns. But the crackdown’s economic implications are just beginning to unfold.
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Chinese finance high-speeds into unknown territory

by Qian Han/ 31 Jully 2017 / EAF

On 23 June 2017, a court in Shanghai charged the international trading company Eastern Dragon with market manipulation in the Chinese futures markets during the 2015 stock market crash. Eastern Dragon was slammed with a US$101 million fine and two of its traders were handed out suspended prison sentences. This sets an important precedent as the first time a Chinese court has ruled on foreign high frequency trading in China. Continue reading “Chinese finance high-speeds into unknown territory”

Maximising China’s growth potential

21 July 2017 / by Yang Yao and Mengqi Wang/ EAF

Amid declining growth rates, the debate about China’s growth potential has re-emerged. But one of the overlooked aspects in this debate is the crucial role of differing growth rates in China’s eastern, western and central regions.

China’s unprecedented growth over the last 30 years, particularly in the years before the global financial crisis, has been concentrated in eastern (coastal) provinces. The vast inland areas have largely lagged behind. In 2015, GDP per capita in the eastern region was 1.8 times that in the central and western regions. But since the global financial crisis, growth rates in the eastern provinces have slowed and the growth rates of inland provinces have picked up. Continue reading “Maximising China’s growth potential”

IMF raises China 2017 economic outlook again on policy support

Reuters / Jun 14 2017 / Originally Posted at ABS-CBN News

 BEIJING – The International Monetary Fund on Wednesday raised its forecast for China’s economic growth this year to 6.7 percent, citing “policy support, especially expansionary credit and public investment”. Continue reading “IMF raises China 2017 economic outlook again on policy support”

Beijing says yuan policy is actually doing US a favour

by Frank Tang / May 25, 2017 / SCMP

China defended its yuan exchange-rate policy and its interventions in the foreign exchange market on Thursday, saying it hasn’t manipulated its currency but instead sacrificed some of China’s interests to help the world, including the US. Continue reading “Beijing says yuan policy is actually doing US a favour”

 China going nowhere on hukou reform

19 May 2017 /  Bingqin Li / East Asia Forum

China’s hukou (household registration) system is often criticised for hindering the free movement of labour and creating inequality. In recent years the hukou system has undergone considerable reform. But is this enough to turn around the trends in China’s regional inequality? Continue reading “China going nowhere on hukou reform”

How China has become America’s equal, as showcased at a Harvard forum

by Robert Delaney / 25 April, 2017/ SCMP

On the campus of Harvard Business School this past weekend there was little doubt among corporate leaders and investors gathered for an annual conference that China had arrived as an equal to the United States. Continue reading “How China has become America’s equal, as showcased at a Harvard forum”

How well-off is China’s middle class?

by Chinapower/

Over the past several decades, China’s economic development has lifted hundreds of millions of Chinese out of poverty and resulted in a burgeoning middle class. Middle class households typically have enough income to satisfy their primary needs – food, clothing, and shelter – with some disposable income left over for additional desired consumption and savings. In 2002, China’s middle class was only four percent of its population. A decade later this number had climbed to 31 percent, constituting over 420 million people. China’s growing middle class presents an array of new economic opportunities, but also poses significant political and demographic challenges. Continue reading “How well-off is China’s middle class?”