Fears mount over bookseller ‘freed’ by China

25 October 2017/ Channel NewsAsia

HONG KONG: Concern was growing Wednesday (Oct 25) over the whereabouts of dissident publisher Gui Minhai, who failed to contact his family after Chinese authorities said they had released him from detention. Continue reading “Fears mount over bookseller ‘freed’ by China”


Why are so Many Hongkongers Moving to Taiwan?

By Nick Westra / 1 October 2017 / SCMP

The cha chaan teng (tea cafes) started by Michael Lee in 1999 could be carbon copies of those that punctuate street corners in North Point and Mong Kok. Staple foods like century egg and pork congee, pan-fried radish cakes and French toast with thick slabs of butter are dished out around the clock to customers in Art Deco seating areas adorned with posters dripping with nostalgia for Hong Kong, the city after which the chain is named. But one thing is out of place: the cafes are 800km away, in Taipei. Continue reading “Why are so Many Hongkongers Moving to Taiwan?”

Beijing gnaws at rule of law in Hong Kong

Author: Alvin Y H Cheung, NYU /  East Asia Forum

The decision by Hong Kong’s Court of Appeal to drastically and retroactively increase the sentences of activists Joshua Wong, Alex Chow and Nathan Law has prompted widespread international concern. Continue reading “Beijing gnaws at rule of law in Hong Kong”

Explainer: what will China’s national anthem law mean for Hong Kong?

by Jeffie Lam / August 30, 2017/ SCMP

Hong Kong made headlines after hundreds of its soccer fans booed during the Chinese national anthem ahead of a World Cup qualifier between the city’s representative team and China in 2015.

Back then, the local soccer governing body was fined by international football authorities over the jeering. But such acts could soon become punishable by law in Hong Kong under proposed national anthem legislation currently making its way through the National People’s Congress, China’s top legislature. Continue reading “Explainer: what will China’s national anthem law mean for Hong Kong?”

China sets rules for news reports on Taiwan, HK

by Lim Yan Liang / July 25, 2017 / Straitstimes

The official Xinhua news agency has updated its style guide for Chinese journalists, with a major part of the update stressing China’s sovereignty over Taiwan and Hong Kong. Continue reading “China sets rules for news reports on Taiwan, HK”

Can ‘one Country, two Systems’ continue to weather Hong Kong’s political storms?

12 July 2017 / Author: Peter TY Cheung, HKU / East Asia Forum

When Hong Kong was reunited with the People’s Republic of China in 1997, no one could tell how the ‘one country, two systems’ (OCTS) framework would work. After two decades of experimentation, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has largely maintained its separate and distinct legal, political and administrative systems, its market economy, its relatively free and pluralistic society and its status as a global financial centre — not to mention a way of life and culture very different from that of mainland China. But unexpected tensions now threaten to overturn this experiment. Continue reading “Can ‘one Country, two Systems’ continue to weather Hong Kong’s political storms?”

Twenty Years After Hong Kong Handover, Does ‘One Country, Two Systems’ Still Work?

by Dr Tim Summers / 29 June 2017 / Chathamhouse

Twenty years after the handover of Hong Kong from British to Chinese sovereignty, the ‘one country, two systems’ arrangement – the main aim of which was to guarantee the continuity of Hong Kong’s open society and way of life – can be said to have worked well. Street protests remain a regular feature of Hong Kong’s political culture. Freedom of information and expression are alive and well. Hong Kong retains its ‘capitalist way of life’, its legal system based on common law and independent judiciary, and its status as an international financial centre. As a result the city remains one of the most open economies across Asia, with robust institutions and transparency which are hard to find anywhere else in the region. Continue reading “Twenty Years After Hong Kong Handover, Does ‘One Country, Two Systems’ Still Work?”

What more does China want from Hong Kong 20 years on from handover?

by Stuart Lau, Jun Mai / 30 May, 2017/ SCMP

When Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor takes the oath as Hong Kong’s next chief executive presumably before President Xi Jinping on July 1, the city she governs will face a sovereign state that has signalled it wants a firmer say in how it is run. Continue reading “What more does China want from Hong Kong 20 years on from handover?”