Full text of Constitutional Court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage

By S.C. Chang / May 24, 2017 / Focus Taiwan

Taiwan’s Constitutional Court ruled Wednesday that the Civil Code provisions that do not allow same-sex marriage are unconstitutional and asked the government to amend relevant laws within two years to protect gay couples’ rights. Continue reading “Full text of Constitutional Court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage”

Taiwan, not China, is its own worst enemy

By Robyn Mak / Reuters/ April 24, 2017

(Reuters Breakingviews) – Taiwan faces a bigger threat than Chinese invasion: its own economic mismanagement. President Tsai Ing-wen has outlined plans to bolster growth, including a $29 billion stimulus package, but bolder reforms favoured by the business community look hobbled by politics. The irony is that a politician whose party is defined by resistance to Beijing may leave Taiwan more dependent on the mainland than ever. Continue reading “Taiwan, not China, is its own worst enemy”

Hong Kong is not Taiwan, but its commitment to democracy is no less significant

by Gary Wong Chi-him / 23 April 2017 /SCMP

In 2014, Ko Wen-je broke the ideological rivalry between the blue and green coalitions in Taiwan to become the first Taipei mayor with no party affiliation.

I studied his campaign model in the hope of seeking an alternative path out of the split in Hong Kong between the pro-establishment, pan-democratic and self-determination camps, and recently attended Ko’s seminar in Taipei. His ideas on politics and management were insightful, but his comment about Hong Kong sparked a reaction from those of us fighting for democracy here. Continue reading “Hong Kong is not Taiwan, but its commitment to democracy is no less significant”

Is Taiwan’s Freedom Better than Singapore’s ‘Caged Canaries’ and Hong Kong’s ‘Lost Soul’?

by Justin Hugo / April 17, 2017 / The News Lens

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je’s (柯文哲) recent remarks about countries south of Taiwan at the 30th anniversary of local magazine The Journalist ruffled some feathers. His comment that Hong Kong “doesn’t even have a soul that is free” drew a rebuttal from Hong Kong’s pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong. Continue reading “Is Taiwan’s Freedom Better than Singapore’s ‘Caged Canaries’ and Hong Kong’s ‘Lost Soul’?”

Taiwan in Time: How the Qing lost Taiwan

By Han Cheung  /  Staff reporter / Taipei Times /April 16, 2017

April 17 to April 23

Just eight days after being shot in the cheek during an assassination attempt, Qing Dynasty official Li Hongzhang (李鴻章) emerged healthy enough for the first round of peace negotiations with the Empire of Japan at the tail end of the First Sino-Japanese War. Continue reading “Taiwan in Time: How the Qing lost Taiwan”

Sourcing Taiwan 2017 sees rise in Southeast Asian buyers

Corporate Taiwan trying to wean itself off China

YOKO YAMAMOTO / Nikkei / March 23, 2017

TOKYO — The recent chill in relations between China and Taiwan is giving Taiwanese companies the impetus to rely less on their huge communist neighbor and search for opportunities in other Asian countries. Continue reading “Corporate Taiwan trying to wean itself off China”

Push to absorb Taiwan ‘is growing’ on mainland

by Minnie Chan / March 10, 2017 / China Post

Voices calling for legislation to reunite with Taiwan by force are ­rising on the mainland amid mounting cross-strait tensions, a top mainland Taiwan affairs ­adviser warned on Friday. Continue reading “Push to absorb Taiwan ‘is growing’ on mainland”