Developing or developed? Assessing Chinese life expectancy

by China Power

Decades of breakneck economic growth have raised questions regarding China’s level of development. By some measures, China is still developing. In other ways, China compares favorably with developed nations. In terms of public health, however, China’s development is not yet complete. Continue reading “Developing or developed? Assessing Chinese life expectancy”


N. Korean restaurants in China face closure soon

by Yonhap/ January 6, 2018/ The Korean Herald

SHENYANG, China — A large number of North Korean restaurants operating in China are expected to close soon, as the Jan. 9 deadline imposed by Beijing in accordance with the United Nations sanctions nears, sources in China said Saturday. Continue reading “N. Korean restaurants in China face closure soon”

What can we expect in China in 2018?

by Gordon Orr/ December 2017/ McKinsey

The nation could be shaped by geopolitics, momentum from robust economic growth, and a host of new leaders eager to implement new policy.

With so many new leaders put in position over the last six months by President Xi, an overall leader secure in his position and clear on his objectives, 2018 is likely to see much more activity to implement policies, economic and social, that move China in the direction that Xi wants. We may need to worry more about overenthusiastic implementation of policy than the inaction we have often seen in 2017. Continue reading “What can we expect in China in 2018?”

Making China Great Again

By Evan Osnos / January 8, 2018/ The New Yorker

When the Chinese action movie “Wolf Warrior II” arrived in theatres, in July, it looked like a standard shoot-’em-up, with a lonesome hero and frequent explosions. Within two weeks, however, “Wolf Warrior II” had become the highest-grossing Chinese movie of all time. Some crowds gave it standing ovations; others sang the national anthem. In October, China selected it as its official entry in the foreign-language category of the Academy Awards. Continue reading “Making China Great Again”

Self-interest shapes China’s policies toward the international order

 by Andrew J Nathan/ 19 December 2017/ EAF

The dramatic increase in Chinese economic, military and soft power since the 1990s has generated rising concern that Beijing seeks to overturn the liberal international order. This US-constructed post-war order consists of a set of norms and institutions that promote free trade and other ‘open’ economic interactions and establish rules-based procedures for settling interstate disputes peacefully. Continue reading “Self-interest shapes China’s policies toward the international order”

China hails year of ‘remarkable progress’ in human rights as US and EU warn situation is worsening

by Mimi Lau / 15 December 2017/ SCMP

China hailed a year of “remarkable” progress in human rights by widening its definition to praise achievements in fields such as anti-corruption and legal reform as it continued its drive to redefine the concept in the face of continued international criticism of its record. Continue reading “China hails year of ‘remarkable progress’ in human rights as US and EU warn situation is worsening”

Belt and Road to Where?

by ALEXANDER GABUEV / Op-Ed/ December 08, 2017 / Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia Pacific / Posted at Carnegie

On October 24, 2017, the Communist Party of China (CPC) adopted a new version of the Party Constitution. Along with the name of Secretary General Xi Jinping, the constitution now includes the One Belt One Road (OBOR) concept — Xi’s trademark geo-economic concept that is now used to explain almost every move that China makes outside its borders. The “Belt and Road” concept has become so inflated, that it’s no longer helpful in understanding anything about China’s relationship with the outside world, but only further obscures an already complicated picture. Continue reading “Belt and Road to Where?”

Runaway borrowers the new face of China’s personal credit boom

by He Huifeng / 6 December 2017/ Reuters

China’s online lending boom has sent a steady stream of new clients to Guangzhou lawyer Luo Aiping in recent months: the parents and siblings of young men trapped or ruined by usurious debts. Continue reading “Runaway borrowers the new face of China’s personal credit boom”