China backs joint oil drilling with PH in disputed sea

by Dona Z. Pazzibugan, Philip C. Tubeza / Philippine Daily Inquirer / 07:28 AM July 26, 2017

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Tuesday said that he supported the idea of joint energy exploration with the Philippines in the heavily disputed South China Sea, warning that unilateral action could cause problems and damage to both sides. Continue reading “China backs joint oil drilling with PH in disputed sea”

China sets rules for news reports on Taiwan, HK

by Lim Yan Liang / July 25, 2017 / Straitstimes

The official Xinhua news agency has updated its style guide for Chinese journalists, with a major part of the update stressing China’s sovereignty over Taiwan and Hong Kong. Continue reading “China sets rules for news reports on Taiwan, HK”

Historical records of Nanjing Massacre exhibited in Japan

(People’s Daily Online)  July 17, 2017

An exhibition on the Nanjing Massacre opened in Hiroshima, Japan, on July 15, Nanjing Daily reported. It’s the first such exhibition in the city in 20 years. Fifty displays consisting of more than 200 photos show the various atrocities that Japanese invaders committed in China, especially in Nanjing. Continue reading “Historical records of Nanjing Massacre exhibited in Japan”

Maximising China’s growth potential

21 July 2017 / by Yang Yao and Mengqi Wang/ EAF

Amid declining growth rates, the debate about China’s growth potential has re-emerged. But one of the overlooked aspects in this debate is the crucial role of differing growth rates in China’s eastern, western and central regions.

China’s unprecedented growth over the last 30 years, particularly in the years before the global financial crisis, has been concentrated in eastern (coastal) provinces. The vast inland areas have largely lagged behind. In 2015, GDP per capita in the eastern region was 1.8 times that in the central and western regions. But since the global financial crisis, growth rates in the eastern provinces have slowed and the growth rates of inland provinces have picked up. Continue reading “Maximising China’s growth potential”

China’s Astounding Religious Revival

by Roderick MacFarquhar / June 8, 2017 / ChinaFile

If there were just one Chinese in the world, he could be the lonely sage contemplating life and nature whom we come across on the misty mountains of Chinese scrolls. If there were two Chinese in the world, a man and a woman, lo, the family system is born. And if there were three Chinese, they would form a tight-knit, hierarchically organized bureaucracy. Continue reading “China’s Astounding Religious Revival”

The South China Sea seven years on

Author: Michael McDevitt, CNA /  19 July 2017 /  EAF

This month seven years ago at the Hanoi ASEAN Regional Forum, then secretary of state Hillary Clinton made a very public, and — for the Chinese — surprising, intervention into the South China Sea (SCS) disputes. This move implicated Washington in a way that was probably unforeseen in Washington and in the region at the time. Continue reading “The South China Sea seven years on”

Can ‘one Country, two Systems’ continue to weather Hong Kong’s political storms?

12 July 2017 / Author: Peter TY Cheung, HKU / East Asia Forum

When Hong Kong was reunited with the People’s Republic of China in 1997, no one could tell how the ‘one country, two systems’ (OCTS) framework would work. After two decades of experimentation, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has largely maintained its separate and distinct legal, political and administrative systems, its market economy, its relatively free and pluralistic society and its status as a global financial centre — not to mention a way of life and culture very different from that of mainland China. But unexpected tensions now threaten to overturn this experiment. Continue reading “Can ‘one Country, two Systems’ continue to weather Hong Kong’s political storms?”

Liu Xiaobo – the quiet, determined teller of China’s inconvenient truths

by Cary Huang, Jun Mai / 13 July 2017 / SCMP

Mild-mannered, cultured, gently spoken – even timid – Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo’s public persona belied his stubborn resilience and steadfastness of belief. Continue reading “Liu Xiaobo – the quiet, determined teller of China’s inconvenient truths”