The misunderstood AIIB

by Shahar Hameiri and Lee Jones / The Interpreter / 17 May 2018

China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has been viewed through the wider debate over whether a rising China will overturn or uphold the US-led “rules-based liberal international order”. As the first significant international organisation established by China, the AIIB is often seen to indicate wider Chinese intentions.  Continue reading “The misunderstood AIIB”


No losers in globalized economy: AIIB head

March 26, 2017/ By Philippine News Agency / Manila Bulletin

With the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) continue to expand membership, AIIB President Jin Liqun has assured that no countries will be left behind under the globalization efforts, including China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Jin made this assurance during the plenary session of the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2017 under a theme “Globalization & Free Trade: the Asian Perspectives” being held in this fast growing tropical province of China.

Continue reading “No losers in globalized economy: AIIB head”

Japan Inc. distancing itself from China, looking to India, ASEAN for growth

by  KEN MORIYASU/ July 29, 2016 /

TOKYO — Japanese companies no longer see China as a top destination for investment, and are overwhelmingly turning to India and ASEAN for growth, according to a joint survey by Nikkei Inc. and the U.S. think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies. Continue reading “Japan Inc. distancing itself from China, looking to India, ASEAN for growth”

China’s Rise And What It Means For The World

by Lucio Blanco Pitlo III / 26 April 2016 /

China’s continuous climb to world power brought many questions into light – was becoming a world power a deliberate and planned undertaking and, most importantly, how will China behave as a world power? With regards to the first question, many hold the view that China’s ascent to power  is premeditated and long-planned, led by a single political party and a strong central government which is heavily involved not only in governance but also in the economy. Slogans like “renewal”, “revival” and “rejuvenation” seems to support this thesis. Continue reading “China’s Rise And What It Means For The World”

AIIB and the US – China Competition for Influence

30 November 2015 / APPFI.PH

by Philip Vincent Alegre

The world economy has long been dominated by institutions heavily influenced by the West and its allies. However, a new player in the form of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has arrived at the scene, causing a stir and sparking debates and discussions on its implications for the world economy and global order in general Continue reading “AIIB and the US – China Competition for Influence”