The misunderstood AIIB

by Shahar Hameiri and Lee Jones / The Interpreter / 17 May 2018

China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has been viewed through the wider debate over whether a rising China will overturn or uphold the US-led “rules-based liberal international order”. As the first significant international organisation established by China, the AIIB is often seen to indicate wider Chinese intentions.  Continue reading “The misunderstood AIIB”


Where is China targeting its development finance?

by China Power

China has emerged as one of the world’s largest providers of development finance. Between 2000 and 2014, China extended a total of $354 billion in loans, grants, and other resources to countries across the globe. As China continues to establish itself as a major source of development finance, it is important to consider how this spending intersects with Beijing’s growing political and economic interests. Continue reading “Where is China targeting its development finance?”

China and global economic risks

Author: Editorial Board, East Asia Forum

On the surface of it, the global economic recovery looks stronger day by day. The International Monetary Fund has upped its forecasts and the underlying real growth trend in major industrialised country markets seems at last to validate the continuing exuberance of stock markets around the world. Continue reading “China and global economic risks”

Maximising China’s growth potential

21 July 2017 / by Yang Yao and Mengqi Wang/ EAF

Amid declining growth rates, the debate about China’s growth potential has re-emerged. But one of the overlooked aspects in this debate is the crucial role of differing growth rates in China’s eastern, western and central regions.

China’s unprecedented growth over the last 30 years, particularly in the years before the global financial crisis, has been concentrated in eastern (coastal) provinces. The vast inland areas have largely lagged behind. In 2015, GDP per capita in the eastern region was 1.8 times that in the central and western regions. But since the global financial crisis, growth rates in the eastern provinces have slowed and the growth rates of inland provinces have picked up. Continue reading “Maximising China’s growth potential”

No losers in globalized economy: AIIB head

March 26, 2017/ By Philippine News Agency / Manila Bulletin

With the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) continue to expand membership, AIIB President Jin Liqun has assured that no countries will be left behind under the globalization efforts, including China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Jin made this assurance during the plenary session of the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2017 under a theme “Globalization & Free Trade: the Asian Perspectives” being held in this fast growing tropical province of China.

Continue reading “No losers in globalized economy: AIIB head”

Trump might impact Chinese economy, but not necessarilybadly: analysts

November 10, 2016 / People’s Daily

Analysts cautioned that Trump’s win might be a precursor for turbulence in China-USeconomic and trade relations and create some headwinds for the Chinese economy, givenhis tough stance on trade with China on the campaign trail. Continue reading “Trump might impact Chinese economy, but not necessarily badly: analysts”

Alibaba sales up 59% despite Chinese economic slowdown

by Mariko Tai / Nikkei / August 12, 2016

BEIJING — Chinese e-commerce conglomerate Alibaba Group Holding surprised investors Thursday by reporting a 59% surge in quarterly revenue, the fastest growth since its initial public offering in 2014, defying a slowing economy. Continue reading “Alibaba sales up 59% despite Chinese economic slowdown”