How is China bolstering its military diplomatic relations?

by ChinaPower/CSIS

Military diplomacy can be broadly defined as a set of non-combat activities carried out by a country’s armed forces to advance its national diplomatic interests. Military diplomatic activities often take the form of joint military exercises, high-level military dialogues, and naval port calls. In the case of China, its ongoing military modernization has enhanced the frequency and complexity of these activities. In general, military diplomatic activities provide China with opportunities to improve its global image and support its broader diplomatic agenda, while simultaneously enhancing its military operational capabilities. Continue reading “How is China bolstering its military diplomatic relations?”


The “New Normal” in China-US Military Relations

by Yao Yunzhu / September 12, 2016/ ChinaUS Focus

Of all relationships between China and the United States, the military one had been the most difficult. For more than two decades, while relations between the two great powers in other fields had gone through ups and downs, defense relations have been trapped in an on-and-off pattern. Lack of understanding and deep-rooted suspicion had kept military ties at a low level and rendered them highly vulnerable. However, recent years have witnessed more positive developments, and some observers have even cheered the military relation as a highlight in a generally downhill bilateral relationship. It seems that the China-US military relationship has entered a state of “new normal”, in which progress is encouraging, though challenges are daunting. Continue reading “The “New Normal” in China-US Military Relations”