Forced labour common among Hong Kong’s domestic helpers, study finds

TheGuardian/ 14 March 2016

Maria spends her short nights between exhausting shifts as a maid in a cupboard in her employers’ home in Hong Kong.

“The space is so small I cannot lie straight. I have no privacy and am not allowed to use my phone to contact my family,” says the single mother of two, who is in her late 20s and from a rural area in the Philippines. Continue reading “Forced labour common among Hong Kong’s domestic helpers, study finds”


When Hong Kong’s Domestic Helpers Need Help

by Xyza Cruz Bacani/ February 11, 2016/

It was at a small, off the record press dinner with a Hong Kong government officer not too long ago at the Summer Palace restaurant in the Shangri-la Hotel. The topic of the day, inevitably, came up for discussion: the minimum wage for domestic helpers had just been raised, to reach the monthly allowance of 4210 Hong Kong dollars, or U.S.$540, a month. “Not a lot, for such an expensive place as this!” someone said. “You must take into account that they have no expenses. Continue reading “When Hong Kong’s Domestic Helpers Need Help”