ASEAN ‘concern’ resurfaces over contested waters with China

by TAKASHI NAKANO/ Nikkei Asian Review/ 7 February 2018

SINGAPORE — The situation in the South China Sea, where China has moved aggressively amid conflicting territorial claims, was highlighted as a source of concern in an ASEAN foreign ministers’ statement released Tuesday, with Singapore taking a more balanced approach as this year’s chair than the Philippines did in 2017. Continue reading “ASEAN ‘concern’ resurfaces over contested waters with China”


Water Wars: A Mixed Week for Alliance Management

By Chris Mirasola / February 3, 2017 / Lawfareblog

James Mattis traveled to Japan and South Korea this week, his first overseas visits as Secretary of Defense. A Trump administration official said the trip was intended “for all of the people who were concerned during the campaign that then-candidate, now-president, Trump was skeptical of our alliances and was somehow going to retreat from our traditional leadership role in the region.” The North Korean nuclear threat was a focal point for Mattis’ consultations in Seoul and Tokyo.   Continue reading “Water Wars: A Mixed Week for Alliance Management”

Singapore caught in the middle as China-Asean country coordinator

by Teo Cheng Wee/ June 24, 2016/

BEIJING • An hour before a special Asean-China meeting was convened last week, officials from China and Singapore sat down for a discussion.

Against the backdrop of South China Sea tensions, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi pointed out that Singapore should play a role in addressing “historical issues” between China and some Asean countries. Continue reading “Singapore caught in the middle as China-Asean country coordinator”

Philippines, Singapore push for Asean solidarity, centrality in resolving South China Sea rows

by Raul Dancel / April 13, 2016/

Asean’s solidarity, unity and centrality are “fundamental as they are vital” in resolving disputes over the South China Sea, the Philippines and Singapore said on Wednesday (April 13). Continue reading “Philippines, Singapore push for Asean solidarity, centrality in resolving South China Sea rows”