Beijing gnaws at rule of law in Hong Kong

Author: Alvin Y H Cheung, NYU /  East Asia Forum

The decision by Hong Kong’s Court of Appeal to drastically and retroactively increase the sentences of activists Joshua Wong, Alex Chow and Nathan Law has prompted widespread international concern. Continue reading “Beijing gnaws at rule of law in Hong Kong”


We must resist until China gives Hong Kong a say in our future

by Joshua Wong and Emily Lim / February 24, 2017 / SCMP

Hong Kong’s leader Leung “CY” Chun-ying is preparing to leave office following a five-year term marred by allegations of corruption, controversial remarks, and unfulfilled promises. He will be the first chief executive not to serve a second term. Continue reading “We must resist until China gives Hong Kong a say in our future”

Youthquake: Hong Kong’s New Political Generation in a Round-Table Conversation with TIME

by Oct. 6, 2016

On Sept. 4, 2.2 million Hongkongers — a record 58% of the territory’s registered voters — went to the polls to elect their next Legislative Council, as Hong Kong’s congress is called. The elections came almost exactly two years to the day after the beginning of what was called the Umbrella Revolution: a three-month-long protest staged in the city’s most critical commercial districts to demand democratic reforms and stand up to Beijing, which has controlled the former British colony as a nominally semiautonomous territory since 1997. Continue reading “Youthquake: Hong Kong’s New Political Generation in a Round-Table Conversation with TIME”

Hong Kong student leader blasted in China govt vide

By AFP / August 3, 2016 / Originally posted at

A key figure in Hong Kong’s “Umbrella Revolution” has been blasted as a US-backed agent intent on sowing dissent and discord in a new propaganda video from the Chinese government.

The two-minute film targets those mainland authorities believe threaten Beijing with student leader Joshua Wong featuring twice and images of US president Barack Obama, the Dalai Lama and Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen also shown. Continue reading “Hong Kong student leader blasted in China govt vide”

‘Younger Games’: Hong Kong’s Joshua Wong launches new political party

By James Griffiths/ CNN / April 7, 2016

Hong Kong (CNN)One of Hong Kong’s most famous democracy activists has announcedthe formation of a new political party amid heightened tensions in the city over the alleged kidnapping of several booksellers and perceived interference by Beijing in official affairs. Continue reading “‘Younger Games’: Hong Kong’s Joshua Wong launches new political party”

Why Did Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement Fail?

The key to a successful protest in Hong Kong: economic pressure.

In December 2014, the Umbrella Movement, Hong Kong protests that had started on September 22, ended. Major roads, which had for three months been occupied by protesters, now were bustling again with traffic. Students returned to university empty-handed and suffrage-less. The protests, once lively with energy from the potential of tangible change, were extinguished without so much as an official statement from the Chinese government. Continue reading “Why Did Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement Fail?”

Beijing expects young pro-democracy ‘radicals’ to become Hong Kong lawmaker: SCMP

15 March 2016 / Reuters

Beijing accepts that several young pro-democracy “radicals” will be elected to Hong Kong’s law making Legislative Council in September, a Hong Kong newspaper cited a top Chinese official as saying, as tensions in the city over independence remain high.

Beijing refusal grant the former British colony full democracy has embittered a younger generation of activists, which culminated in massive protests in 2014. Continue reading “Beijing expects young pro-democracy ‘radicals’ to become Hong Kong lawmaker: SCMP”

An Interview with Joshua Wong

This 19-year-old started a massive protest movement in Hong Kong — and now the government is putting him on trial

Jonathan Garber / Feb. 28, 2016 /

Jonathan Garber: As you face trial, what’s going through your mind? Are you scared?

Joshua Wong: I’m not scared, because I know that I need to face the trial. What I mean is, I already expect I will need to pay the price for organizing the campaign to regain Civic Square. Continue reading “An Interview with Joshua Wong”