New Players, Ideas, and Arrangements: The Quest to Counter-balance China

by Philip Vincent Alegre/ March 16, 2018/ Originally Posted at APPFI

In November of last year, the world witnessed the US put forward new rhetoric in its foreign policy toward Asia. US President Donald Trump, towards the end of his 12-day five nation Asia tour, departed from usual US language and started referring to an “Indo-Pacific” region instead of “Asia Pacific”, a move which did not go unnoticed by analysts and observers in the region. Continue reading “New Players, Ideas, and Arrangements: The Quest to Counter-balance China”


US, Japan, Australia tell PHL: Use court victory in sea dispute

By Ian Nicolas P. Cigaral / Aug 8, 2017 / bworldonline

China claims most parts of the strategic waterway, where trillion dollars’ worth of ship-borne goods pass through annually. It has also installed defense facilities on its man-made islands there. Continue reading “US, Japan, Australia tell PHL: Use court victory in sea dispute”

The South China Sea seven years on

Author: Michael McDevitt, CNA /  19 July 2017 /  EAF

This month seven years ago at the Hanoi ASEAN Regional Forum, then secretary of state Hillary Clinton made a very public, and — for the Chinese — surprising, intervention into the South China Sea (SCS) disputes. This move implicated Washington in a way that was probably unforeseen in Washington and in the region at the time. Continue reading “The South China Sea seven years on”

Pacific Power: America’s Asian Alliances Beyond Burden-Sharing

by Zack Cooper / December 14, 2016 / War on the Rocks

America’s Asian allies face a predicament. Regional security threats are growing as China’s military modernization and North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs continue apace. Meanwhile, some worry that President-elect Trump’s “America first” approach to foreign policy and trade could lead to a diminished U.S. role in Asia. Facing these dual challenges, U.S. allies are asking fundamental questions about their security alignments and policies. Continue reading “Pacific Power: America’s Asian Alliances Beyond Burden-Sharing”

Regional Implications of the Duterte Presidency

By Tetsuo Kotani/ 8 July 2016/ The Diplomat

What impact will the new president have on the U.S. alliance, the South China Sea, and Japan’s regional role?

Rodrigo Duterte was inaugurated as president of the Philippines on June 30. During the elections, Duterte displayed a tendency for courting controversy, with statements such as “Forget the laws of human rights”  and “Kill all of them [criminals],” in the process earning comparisons with Donald Trump. Continue reading “Regional Implications of the Duterte Presidency”

Why the US will gain nothing from seeking to contain China

April 26, 2016 /

In the midst of escalating tensions between the US and China, particularly in the East and South China seas, serious questions are being raised about the future of peace, security and prosperity in the region. Reflecting on these tensions, we need to return to the founding principles that originally brought wealth and mutual prosperity to both nations. Continue reading “Why the US will gain nothing from seeking to contain China”

China accuses US of rape and murder after criticism of human rights record

Reuters in Geneva | The Guardian | Photo courtesy of Kim Kyung Hoon

China has strongly rejected US-led criticism of its human rights record at the UN Human Rights Council on Thursday, accusing the United States of hypocrisy and crimes including the rape and murder of civilians. Continue reading “China accuses US of rape and murder after criticism of human rights record”

US-ASEAN Summit: Is the US Catching up with China?

by: Lucio Blanco Pitlo III / March 9, 2016,/

According to the 2015 Bloomberg survey, four of the top ten fastest growing emerging economies are members of ASEAN – Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. ASEAN’s geographical proximity and deepening linkages with other key regional economies such as China, Japan and Korea also contributes to making the wider East Asian region a critical engine of global economic growth and development in the years to come. Continue reading “US-ASEAN Summit: Is the US Catching up with China?”